Lake Norman Real Estate Market Update: April 2020

It has been very interesting in the real estate market to say the least. Currently, we are seeing inventory decrease as well as fewer homes going under contract. But, believe it or not the current market is mimicking what we see during November-January. The current numbers are not down to “holiday lows” that we see during Thanksgiving and Christmas but they are close. We’ll be keeping an eye out in May to see if the numbers start to bounce back. Just think of it as a somewhat delayed Spring Market. Though it may seem like things are going crazy the real estate market is adapting very well.

Below we’ll look into how the markets did in the towns surrounding Lake Norman. I’ll dive into the numbers for the month of April compared to last year. The data I’ll be using is comprised of single-family homes, condominiums/townhomes, and multi-family properties. The Lake Norman statistics are the combined total of 8 towns around the lake.

Lake Norman






Sherrills Ford