Burnt Ends, Beef Ribs, and More!

I obsess over bbq! It is one of the few foods besides pizza that I can eat every day for the rest of my life. Now North Carolina is known for their own style of bbq. But, I’m going to talk about a place right here in Lake Norman that does their own thing! I’m talking about Midwood Smokehouse located in Birkdale Village. Midwood Smokehouse has 4 locations around the Charlotte area. So far, I’ve only been to the Birkdale location.

It’s a place where you can come and get an excellent lunch during work as well as a place to go with a bunch of friends and family for dinner. I’ll say this if I’m ever hungry and I’m right near Birkdale than you know I’m stopping at Midwood. The food is just fantastic! Let’s get down to the Food especially my favorite at the end!

Midwood Smokehouse Beef Brisket

We’ll start with the first meal I ever had at Midwood Smokehouse, and that was a Small Beef Brisket BBQ Plate. They do their brisket Texas style. You also have your choice between lean, fatty, or both slices of meat. When I went, I got both. Now, because I got a small plate, it comes with one side, hushpuppies, and pickled onions. For my side, I ended up picking the mac and cheese because that always goes well with bbq.

The Beef Rib! Honestly, it was my birthday weekend and my girlfriend, and I stopped by to grab some lunch. I already knew what I wanted to get until the waitress told me their special was a smoked beef rib and I believe a jalapeno and bacon mac and cheese. I must say I’m pretty sure when she told me the special you would have thought it was Christmas morning with how excited I was.

Midwood Smokehouse
Smoked Beef Rib from Midwood Smokehouse

When that beef rib arrived, I was ready to dig in! You could pull the meat apart with a fork from how tender it was. It had a good smoke flavor with an excellent amount of bark from the rub. Because the meal was a large plate, I ended up getting another side of smoked vegetables which were equally delicious and some slices of toast. By far, it ranks up there with one of my favorite bbq meals I’ve had across the country!

Lastly, my favorite thing to order at Midwood Smokehouse is the Burnt Ends! I cannot get enough of them! The crispiness of the bark and the stickiness of the caramelized sugars is like eating candy. To make things even better they toss the burnt ends in a cola based bbq sauce. This is one meal you don’t want to tell your dentist about! I’m craving them right now while writing this. Again, I got the mac and cheese with this meal.

Midwood Smokehouse Burnt Ends
Burnt Ends in a Cola BBQ Sauce with Hushpuppies and Mac and Cheese

I’m really into my BBQ, and Midwood Smokehouse is right up there in my top favorites in the country. By far though, the best burnt ends you’ll ever have! Now, there are quite a few other BBQ restaurants around Lake Norman, and I’ll try to get to them all. For now, give Midwood Smokehouse a try, and you won’t be disappointed!

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